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Day 5 of WP Photography 101: Solitude. The full moon rising through the trees fills me with peace and intangible longing. The shape of my desire is as elusive as the stars in the sky, and I suspect is not found in this Earthly existence.

Solitude: Full moon through the trees.

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  1. MyLovingWife

    Wow!! I’m so jealous 😛 .
    Never been able to take a decent photo of the moon. We had a gorgeous full moon so close to the earth the day before yesterday in the South of France and I couldn’t capture it. It looked awful.

    Yours looks amazing, haunting and I love it.

    • JJ

      Thank you, I’m glad it moves you in that way. It is really easy, though, to photograph the moon. I learned last summer through my efforts photographing a lunar eclipse. #1 A tripod of course. Remember to turn off image stabilization. (Which is why I believe I am having trouble getting sharp shots, myself. I keep forgetting this!). #2 Set your camera in aperture mode; this is what I found to be the trick; and use a large aperture. Try different ISOs, or see what happens with Auto. Aim for the moon.:) Good luck!
      ps. The tree was side-lit by the neighbors porch lights.