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Day 7 of WP Photography 101: Big “Today, let’s go big. Whether inside or outside, photograph something of massive size. Feel free to interpret big in your own way, and get creative with your shot. Capture all or just part … Continued


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Day 5 of WP Photography 101: Solitude. The full moon rising through the trees fills me with peace and intangible longing. The shape of my desire is as elusive as the stars in the sky, and I suspect is not … Continued


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I love my guitar. Music always puts me into a state of mind that not only shuts everything troubling out, but even  more, puts me in a high that makes it all not even matter.    

New Beginnings.

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Hello! Welcome to my very first post. New beginnings can be daunting. Such is how I feel with this, a website that has been several years in the making. Technology has moved along faster than I can keep up with, … Continued