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“Smartcooky” was my business name when  years ago I actually sold real chocolate chip cookies.  I  had at that time developed a Peanut Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe and  wanted to take it to the market, and share it  with the world and get rich! – just like Debbie Fields was doing at that time. I pursued that dream for  6 months and quickly realized that baking cookies was not what I truly had the heart for, no matter any potential financial reward.

I put the cart before the horse when I enrolled in a beginner’s Photoshop course at the urging of a friend; I didn’t  even own a camera…Thanks to another friend, who loaned me their simple Fuji P&S, with this humble camera I shoved out to sea in what felt the equivalent of a toy boat in an ocean of sea worthy ships…such simple beginnings. I had no idea what I was entering into.  All I knew at that time was that I’d had a taste of Graphic Design work prior when it was still ‘cut and paste’ and typesetting machines and lots of manila folders and cardboard boxes; before computers came on the scene – and I had found it stimulating, creative, and interesting.

With the exception of that one beginner’s class, I have pursued Photoshop and Illustrator on my own. The introduction of computers and digital cameras brought new excitement and possibilities than formerly dreamed of, along with the of websites, tutorials and experts to learn from!  (And thank you, particularly, how invaluable you have been!)

My current camera is a Canon T2i, with various lens and other equipment. I must say that some of my earlier pictures taken with lesser cameras  are still favorites of mine. They have that magic ingredient: “good luck” and serendipity. 🙂

I am a contributor to various online Micro-stock companies. I sell mostly vector images at this time with plans  to get more into the  photography side of  contributing. I believe that even if you don’t make a lot of money with Micro-stock, it is a great place to sharpen your photo skills as micro-stock is brutal in their demand for quality…I love that challenge…

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