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“Smartcooky” was the business name I used  years ago when I actually sold real chocolate chip cookies.  I loved to bake, and had developed a yummy Peanut Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. I wanted to take it to the market, and share it  with the world and get rich! – just like Debbie Fields was doing at that time. I pursued that dream for  6 months and quickly realizing that baking cookies was not what I truly had the heart for, no matter the potential financial reward.

I put the cart before the horse when I enrolled in a beginner’s Photoshop course at the urging of a friend, when I didn’t  even own a camera…Thanks to another friend, who loaned me their simple Fuji P&S; with this humble camera I shoved out to sea in what felt the equivalent of a toy boat…such simple beginnings. I had no idea what I was entering into.  All I knew at that time was that I’d had a taste of Graphic Design work prior when it was still ‘cut and paste’ and typesetting machines and lots of manila folders; before computers came on the scene – and I had found it stimulating, creative, and interesting.

With the exception of that one beginner’s class, I have pursued Photoshop and Illustrator on my own. The introduction of computers and digital cameras  brought new excitement and possibilities than formerly dreamed of, along with a of websites, tutorials and experts to learn from!  (And thank you, particularly, how invaluable you have been!)

My current camera is a Canon T2i, with various lens and other equipment. I must say that some of my earlier pictures taken with lesser cameras  are still favorites of mine. That have that magic ingredient, ‘Good luck and Serendipity’. 🙂

I am a contributor to various online Micro-stock companies. I sell mostly vector images at this time with plans  to get more into the  photography side of  contributing. I believe that even if you don’t make a lot of money with Micro-stock, it is a great place to sharpen your photo skills as micro-stock is brutal in their demand for quality…I love that challenge…

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